Friday, September 5, 2008

Those are town names!?!?

Guess what? In the the USA alone, there is some real perverted town names. Check it out.

Weiner, Arkansas
I would never want to live in a place called Wiener Arkansas, but then again to each is own. According to the US 200 census this place had a population of 760 people? I can believe it.

Hooker, California

Def sounds like a hoes heaven...

Beaverlick, Kentucky
Big Bonelicks, Kentucky
Perfect for bi peeps, first they go to beaverlick, then to bonelick
Cockeysville, Maryland
Bet there is a lota cocky mother f**kers in that town
Square Butte, Montana
These peoples asses are unique to the rest the world, as you may have guessed
Buttzville, New Jersey
Horneytown, North Carolina
Hookertown, North Carolina
I take it, that the peeps that live in horneytown take frequent trips to Hookertown.
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Yes sir, this is where every one gets it on
Sugar Tit, South Carolina
What the hell is a sugar tit? Oh well, it does not sound to good.
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
Don't believe these are real places? Well before you started flapping your jaws...
Google it, then you will find out the towns exist.

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