Monday, September 8, 2008

We are not all pimps but we all are all hoes

The other day at school, some guy tried to convince me these chicks I know are the school whores. That's right, the school whores! I keep getting told this by massive amounts of people. This was being said about these girls, simply because they dress in a rock and roll like style, short skirts, big black boots and crazy makeup. What disgust me is, their friendly, and fun to be around, and most the group don't even talk dirty. Yet, some plain Jane in the next table over is openly disgusting some random guy she's going to have sex with this weekend. Does she get called a whore? Nooooooooo. So I take it, depending on how you dress is how your labeled, not what come out of your mouth? How I hate stereotypes!

I asked the guy, why they are hoes.

He simply replied " Two of the girls are sleeping with their boy friends", and the other hooked up last year."

Okay so you should not hook up, but how many other people do that, and never get labeled whores. And then there is the girl who sleep with her boy friend who she has been dating for two years. We are juniors and seniors, dammit. And while its great that some people wait till marriage. But lets face it, the vast majority of 17-19 year old probably did not wait. So why do all the other judge them?

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