Monday, September 8, 2008

Could Bisexuals Be The Best Dates?

Think about this question, could bisexual girls be the best for guys to date? Okay, I know what you might be thinking, that the answer is no, due to more competition and how odd it would be for a guy to lose his girl to well…another girl. But, in my opinion, a Bisexual lady just might be the best date a guy could ever have! Why, you might ask? There is many reasons, first is we present our selves as all girl, but at the same time a bisexual ladies relate to a guy in ways a straight girl can‘t. Us bisexual girls seem lack cattiness., EVERY truly bisexual girl I have ever meet did not have that eye rolling b**tchy nature about then. No offense to straight ladies, because I am friends with tons of straight girls, and they are really nice, but they always have some of that attitude and personality I can’t relate to and stresses guys out! Bi girls tend to be more confident with being silly, and having humor that only guys can relate to! At the same time that where “boyish”, where sexy and love to dress to impress. Look at Tila Tequila a infamous bisexual! She’s cute, sexy, fun, and does not show any sighs of cattiness. Why wouldn’t a guy want that? Heres the next question. Could Bisexual guys be the best for girls to date? Absolutely! The Bi guys, seem to relate to girls more, and at the same time could be their sweet heart. The Bi dudes I have known just seem to be good for talking to and understanding the ladies, and at the same time he dresses stylish, in fact he might care about his grooming more then that of a straight guy, which is a real bonus in my mind. I can’t help to noticed, these dudes tend to keep up with the latest trends, and even will get his nails manicured, if you’re a fashionable chick, im sure this is a major bonus. Girls, Please……don’t brush these guys off because their half gay, as you might be missing out on one awesome relationship!
Note: Im a bi chick ;)

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