Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 odd critters

Okay here are some very odd critters, some are ugly some are cute. But here they are

(1) The Blobfish

Yes, a blobfish is its real name, no joke. They live in coast of Australia and Tazmania. It may look like a living bugar, yet or some reson I find it kind of cute.

(2) Chinese-giant-salamander

These are the world largest living amphibians. They are found in Japan China, and Eastern United states, In brooks and ponds.

(3) White-nosed Guenon

Guenons are found in the forest of sub-sahern africa. I can't get over how cute the face of this thing is

(4) Aye-Aye

These homely little guys are native to Madagascar.

(5) Shoe Bill

Mr. Shoe bill here thrives in the tropocs of east Africa's in large swamps

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